Meet Sudden Denouement Collective Member Samantha Lucero

The editors of Sudden Denouement Literary Collective know that our strength is our writers. We hope that you enjoy getting to know them through our new Writer Interview Series.

What name do you write under?
My poetry and short stories are under Samantha Lucero.

In what part of the world do you live?
Super cowboy USA Hot Dog Rocket Ship Number One.

Tell us about yourself. 
According to BuzzFeeds, “What Batman villain are you?” quiz I’m the Joker. Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

 Where do you publish your work?
six red seeds

When did you begin your blog and what motivated you start it?
Few years ago after hoarding short stories, half-finished novels, poems, screenplays, graphic novels, dead bodies, teeth, cat skulls, I decided to create a centralized location to dump it all. Believing that it would function more as a private sanctum and a way to encourage beginning writing again (who would read it, anyway?) I began occasionally posting on my blog and received a favorable reaction. My time has become scarcer since it served its function and continues to, but I mostly chiefly work on novels now, and post a piece of poetry here and there. I guess that means I should make a ‘website’ instead.

What inspires/motivates you to keep blogging?
I don’t update often. I am not a blogger. I spend my writing time not with updating or maintaining my blog, but rather in a word document editing or writing. I’m a storyteller that’s got poetry as my side chick. When I write a poem or a piece of prose, I usually just post it onto my blog, because what’s the use of piling them up in some reliquary in a GDocs folder like a literary graveyard? That’s what my novels and stories are for. 😉

How did you find your way to Sudden Denouement?
Jasper found the poems of mine that were rejected by the Paris Review and he implored me to join the collective with his soothsay and Texas tea.

What does “Divergent Literature” mean to you?
Don’t do what the person in front of you is doing.

Jasper Kerkau frequently talks about Sudden Denouement writers using the ‘secret language.’ What is it?
The secret language was actually a conversation between Jasper and I in emails. It is that moment when reading a piece that you realize that the person (even if cryptically) is speaking to your own inner world, in your own language, in their own words. It is true literary poetry, not commercial poetry, at it’s finest, so much so, that it is similar to witnessing somebody reach the perfect note while singing or listening to a moving climax in a symphony. It’s when you know they know. And not everyone does. It leads into the term part of the tribe.

Tell us about your literary influences.
Gothic, Southern gothic, horror, dystopia. . .

Has any of your work been published in print?  How did that happen?
I’ve had a southern gothic and a horror short story, and one piece in a poetry book dedicated entirely to Salem published. I’ve also self-published a poetry book (that’s getting a cover makeover). I may have more published soon. I also have a novel in the editing process, which will be sent out to agents afterward, and yet another novel being written currently. How’d it happen? Well, I sat down and wrote some shit and then I sent that shit in, and some people wanted it in their shit.

What are your writing goals? 
“There is only one thing you should do. Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. This most of all: ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must I write?” – Rilke

Which pieces of your own writing are your favorites?
La Tristesse Durera Toujour

What else would like to share about your writing, Sudden Denouement, or yourself?
I live in my head, if you wanna know something, molon labe.

Regarding SD, what a place I’ve encountered so many wonderful people and writers.

33 thoughts on “Meet Sudden Denouement Collective Member Samantha Lucero

  1. Sam, you are such a badass. One day, we will share a whiskey and some words. You always make me think of this

    Go, go, go, go
    Vampire girl gonna strike to kill
    Gonna kiss your vertebrae
    With the kiss of poisoned love
    Well, I’m a king and you’re a queen
    Queen wasp go

    -Misfits, Queen Wasp

    Liked by 1 person

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