Touch Me

Daffni Gingerich/Daffinblog


Beethoven dances up my spinal cord so I reach for the ledge and hold on. My fingers slip into my pants and slowly I release. I think of my book and me writing it. I think of paychecks in return for my words. Than there he is saying the things he forgot he told the other girl in front of me. I almost lose it but then I pray to the gods for just 200 more words and one more good idea. Then all I can see is little me with a glowing alarm clock that doesn’t tell time. And when I step out the door… stars.  A black sky full of glowing stars and galaxies. Nothing else matters but my writing. Oh to be where nothing else matters. Where the only clock doesn’t tell time. And the only light shines from the heavens. I finish myself off nice and…

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