Inside the Dying

Matthew Eayre/Uneven Street Studios


Burning words keep us here

as our imaginary timelines disappear behind

when I write and you read and you feel, don’t you realize I feel and you write and I read and I feel and I know that we feel, we feel, we are in the same moment

against the wall at the dance

I watched them all

and she came up and asked me

if I would join her,

a grown woman asking a teenager

and I said no, I don’t dance

she was disappointed, smiled and

I watched as everyone there

moved with the music

and my feet were nailed to the floor

I watch and you live and as you do all of this without me I wonder what it is to be so natural, how did I miss the part where I become a real thing, I missed the call for normal

She pulled me on…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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