The Day I Welcomed Darkness- Eli Kyoko

The day I welcomed darkness,
I lay by the window watching the sunrise of memories deliquesce upon my morbid mouth
Smelling the peaches of no surprise,
I let it swill unto my deforested cavity
I’ve been expecting its infliction
Prepared the table with a cup of coffee and cigarettes,
Urged to change the warm comfy sheets and placed some pillows embroidered with my embrace

I knew this isn’t a one-night stand
It has planted the seeds of tragedy in my skin
I watered my body and the ink ripples within
Set to crack into a tree, set to blossom into spring
I long for equanimity up in the moon, my hanging coffin

And it summoned the storm, its dark circled eyes revolving on top of me
I could taste its kisses pulsating within my flesh
Tremors and discordance wrap around my ears,
The metempsychosis of buried bruises appears
Apoplexy and seizures
An intimate crusade occurs
Like forbidden romances,
Destiny prances in my universe
On the day I welcomed darkness,

A long lost lover has finally come home

In the deep,

Inside of me.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Read more of Eli’s writing at Moonlit Pieces

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