Daffni Gingerich


The letters hand written a defense for loves plea. Burned in a fire I started last week. Licked my hand and snapped my fingers to see if meaning would come but only nature remained committed. A selfish dance we worship within boundaries. Islands of expression wasted in misconceptions. I do not want to throw my body into the sea. I do not love a man more than myself. I simply cast a net on the other side just like the dedicated followers of Christ. I’ve no dignity no reputation left worth saving. Cold shoulders open legs genderless feminine. Confuse me for yourself and banish me only to find the teat nestled between your shoulder blades. Random symbols placed on peeled bark, pressed pulp, and toilet paper. Smoke burning my eyes and little gnomes in fetal position from the high pitched frequencies. What haven’t I heard? Why am I so sad?…

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