Mind That Kills- Introducing Devika Mathur

It’s my mind that kills me
with red black weapon, moments
and moments of death,
in my ribcage, broken and violet
often I am a dissolving piece of cracks
and a faded memory.

I count the moles of the dark anxiety
cloying sickness of stinking stress,
in the hollows of my unseen body parts,
it arises like a burning candle,
flame or vapid dreams.

One swollen teeth, two falling jaws
Appearances floating, matchbox inside
and there I am with my broken tainted lips
broken wings,
and a broken end of all

The guts often kill my empty breaths
an ornate skull of stark allusion.
I still cling to my twig,
to my bed, to my eyelids
to my pillow,
singing a happy-birthday song
until it’s my birthday
until, my arms spreading
and becoming strawberry meadow again.

Devika, a fierce soul who tries each day to deal with her anxiety levels is a poet lover, coming from the vibrant country of India. A lover of Oxymorons, Devika has been published in various journals where she speaks what all her insane mind could write.

She writes for her blog My Valiant Soul

25 thoughts on “Mind That Kills- Introducing Devika Mathur

  1. So happy to finally be able to say: welcome to the SD tribe Devika!

    There is something about your writing that is simultaneously visceral and ethereal that resonates deeply with me.
    “and moments of death,
    in my ribcage, broken and violet”
    Damn. . .


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