Meet Sudden Denouement Collective Member Matthew Eayre

The editors of Sudden Denouement Literary Collective know that our strength is our writers. We hope that you enjoy getting to know them through our new Writer Interview Series.

What name do you write under?

Matthew D Eayre

In what part of the world do you live?  

Houston, Texas. It rains a lot and there’s a lot of bad drivers.

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m a chronically depressed masochistic asshole and I use writing to relieve internal pressure. I’m married with children and we’re mostly happy. I’ve just turned 40 in January and the last week of April through the first week of May is my least favorite time of year.

Where do you publish your writing?

Uneven Street Studios

When did you begin your blog and what motivated you start it?

At the beginning of 2016, I needed a place to post longer writes. Social media is really only good for short pieces.

What inspires/motivates you to keep blogging on your site?

Whenever I start writing and the word count goes over 500 I blog it. Everything in life holds some inspiration, some piece of poetry. I see it and write it out as well as I can.

When did you join the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective?

Near the end of 2017.

How did you find your way to Sudden Denouement?

I’m friends with Nicole Lyons and she vouched for me.

What does “Divergent Literature” mean to you?

Any type of literature that defies classification.

Sudden Denouement Founder Jasper Kerkau frequently talks about Sudden Denouement writers using the ‘secret language’. What is it?

If I tell you, it won’t be a secret.

Tell us about your literary influences?

Everything from Shakespeare to Stephen King, I grew up with the classics and I had a voracious literary appetite for the first 35 years of my life. I’ve read over 10,000 books and I enjoy learning new things. I like to think I’ve taken a bit from each of the writers I’ve read over the years.

Has any of your work been published in print?  How did that happen?

I’ve self-published a book, Reaching for the Light. A short collection of some various writings. I’ve had a few pieces published in anthologies and one in a nonfiction book about invisible illness. I’m currently working on my next book, although that means I’m mostly procrastinating the editing process.

What are your writing goals?  

I want to write the perfect poem. Until such time as I do that, I’ll keep trying.

Which pieces of your own writing are your favorites?  

Poetry of Monsters/June 22, 2016

The Road Ahead

Matt poetry.PNG

What else would like to share about your writing, Sudden Denouement, or yourself?

Life is hard.

    Love harder.




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