Roses, Siddhis, Hues.

Jonathan O’Farrell/misterkaki


She dreams, questions the sacred.


Paper held,

turned through


revealed roses.

It (he) seems so central.

It (he) says so much.

It (he) does not tell all.

Deep in my well

I know you would

be just held.

Just held.

Risen, appropriate to

the new blooming.

Ever, if that was

its state.

Frequenter, to lonely places.

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2 thoughts on “Roses, Siddhis, Hues.

  1. So grateful for the re-blog. Not been too communicative last two weeks. Doing what I do, deep in wildness of County Mayo Atlantic coast and then a retreat in the Lake District of north England. As always, more to follow. With thanks.


    • it seems strange the re-blog does not seem to retain the verse structure. Any of the collective somewhat more tech savvy than me can comment? Anyway it is always worthwhile to click through to my original post, as it will have that correct and attendant photographic imagery.


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