For: Mom

Daffni Gingerich


Orange peels on the floor and butterflies on the ceiling. I’ve given up on wearing clothes and leaving the house. I have Eminem and Taylor Swift on rotation and now that I’ve found Kanye’s twitter he might be next. There’s papers everywhere because I’ve proclaimed that I give up and I’m only writing to put a smile on my mom’s face. Or to hear her hum her favorite worship song or giggle with thoughts of the future. There’s a bag of Lindt truffles and empty foil wrappers. This is home. I’m happy as a clam from a huge blanket and truffles and closed curtains. There’s the ocean and his salty skin on my tongue. Present, fantasy, boredom, and lies shaken with the truth. An Emily Dickinson life backwards and upside down. I thought my computer was hacked for months then it escalated to my mind. Then, I decided I had…

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