Touching the spectrum

Jonathan O’Farrell on Misterkaki


Touching the Spectrum 


Violet, blue, 

green, yellow, 

orange, red, 

 maybe scarlet. 

Before that 

I was infra, 

and after life, 



But now, 

living in that, 

I am shattered, 

scattered and 

cloud seeded 

to and thro. 

not even held, 

in purgatory now. 


Just, defied, 

to be better, 

under this 

grey breath 

of endless 

unwanted days and 

what next 



Crock at 

end of 

the rainbow. 


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3 thoughts on “Touching the spectrum

  1. Many thanks for the re-post. By no means my most upbeat poem; but then the weather has been absolutely shit for ovet a month. Middle England weather – give me a peninsula far out on the Atlantic perifery, storms even … something to write about!


      • Interesting … Appreciate that my work at times may not be even divergent from a certain SD time. What can I say, I work light and dark as experience it. Often it is light, not always. References very frequently are of an enigmatic or magical nature. Sometimes you need it, I was in part, writing about endless grey skies.

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