Horizon Me

Daffni Ginger


Sitting on one side of the room I glance over at him while he binge watches videos online. His eyes are glazed over from too much drinking. There’s a couch between us but that’s much less than usual. My panties on are the floor in front of it and the blanket we haven’t washed that smells like death and cheese is strewn across it like a dead body. There’s worlds between us, and yet here we are together in the same room. I think about smelling his hair and stroking his beard. But instead I lift a mug of green tea to my face to open up my pores. I close my eyes and breathe deep. When I breathe deep there’s a pain between my shoulder blades. There’s a sunset with pinks and purples and an orange ring around it all. Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. A pig falls…

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