A Thousand Words (emphatic sigh)

Max Meunier

Max or Not

a picture is worth a thousand words

unless, of course
it beeth a diq piq

such abominations
force a deficit

besieging eyes
unwitting wares
and over-polished family ~jewels~

as jaded
as the hand
wonted to wield its own device

whence yore
barbaric, brazen brutes
did clothe britches befitting

hence, politesse did wrest duress
begat by unbound bulge

this day, i say!
what sights unsound

accost fair maidens

resolve, one must

if we are civil

dare ye not refrain

arise forthwith

brandish thy blade

forgo thy pomp

and LOP IT.

(mayhaps then, its wrath wilt stop)

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