Eye of the Needle

S.K. Nicholas

S. K. Nicholas


When she slides off her clothes and lies next to me, I squeeze a mole on her belly and she calls me names. Dirty names. Filthy names. She calls me a smelly fuck because I refuse to wash on our days off from work or even change my clothes. My armpits have a tangy air to them and she hates it but can’t stop sniffing. My cock smells, and so she pulls back the foreskin and wipes what’s underneath with a random sock to make it a little better even though I tell her I’m too tired to do anything. After a time of not speaking, she moans that I’m not paying her enough attention and threatens to leave. Waiting for a response, I intentionally turn my back on her and mock close my eyes. Jumping off the bed and grabbing her stuff, she attempts to dart from the room…

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