Chordae Tendineae

Kindra Austin


Pluck me a melody from the sinews of your heart—

be mine

own Orpheus; private poet,

sing me your soul.

Tell me you’ll give me adoration, heavy—

more than mine arms can carry,


I promise I will dance for you like


cherished wife.

I promise I will strip for you like

prostitutes do,

but for the low, low price of

one true sweetheart.

Pluck me a melody from the sinews of your heart

when I wake up bathing

in mine

own vomit, cos I gone and done it


got stupid

over the love of a lyre.

© Kindra M. Austin

(image: Wikipedia)

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

2 thoughts on “Chordae Tendineae”

  1. Before you expose yourself, made yourself too vulnerable, without anything to protect your tender heart, you MUST make sure, that whoever you’re opening up your heart to won’t break it, because if you’d allowed someone who’d touched your heart in that easily, chances are, you will, get brokenhearted…


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