between his shoulder blades

Daffni Gingerich


He’s not listening so with two hands I grab his face and make him look at me. When I go to say words they don’t come so I walk away because it’s no use. I crawl in his dreams and find myself in a nightclub and when he wakes up I crawl under his sheets and snuggle between his shoulder blades. I sniff him and taste him and ruffle his hair. He’s salty and tired. But me, I have to write so I lug myself out of bed, a little huffy that I can’t stay longer and let him drift back into his strange dreams. His dreams, those ones that I write down and make my own for future use. Monsters, two headed women, and masked creatures of the night. A light just out of reach and a tunnel where I find his face between my thighs. There’s words scribbled…

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