The Heart of Winter- Christine Ray

My heart

a block of sculptured ice

buried deep behind

steel ribs

hung with icicles

offering dagger sharp protection

An arctic palace

of empty chambers

where glacial winds

flash freeze unwanted feelings

blow them deep into dungeons

blood is crystallized

in frozen nitrogen veins

heartbeat slowed

like a wound down pocket watch

My dreams haunted nightly

by my dead

again and again

they appear

bright cheeked


unaware. . .

or perhaps unconcerned. . .

by their fates

They murmur

that I am the ghost here

rendered translucent



from years of suppressed grief

They whisper in my ear

to remove the splinter

from my eye

that blinds me

to myself

these truths

it is time

they say

to examine the shape

the sharpness

of my grief. . .

that spring thaw

is long, long overdue

Christine Ray writes for Brave and Reckless and is a writer and managing editor for Sudden Denouement, Whisper and the Roar, Blood Into Ink and the Go Dog Go Cafe.  She is an aspiring badass.

37 thoughts on “The Heart of Winter- Christine Ray

  1. This evoked a tear. Your expression of this realm of existential survival is deeply relatable. I feel as one with you. Let us be the strength with everyone who would find this personally resonant. I miss you. 💙💜

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  2. Really powerful expression, an emotional deluge. Grief is such a powerful emotion, too little understood, but it sits frozen and when it does melt we discover our humanity, how frail and confused we can be when alive desperate for some buoy to moor our ship to in hopes of steadying the motion we cannot control. That’s just it, like the ocean in a storm our emotions are in grief. Powerful, unpredictable. I love this.

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    • Thank you my friend. I think it so instinctive to put away feelings we feel that we don’t have time to deal with because our fear is that we will drown in them. They build and build and start to feel like a glacier heading toward the Titanic. Can they melt in a trickle or will they heave and groan and crack loudly in two?

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  3. You rock this from start to finish, Christine. Your ability to layer imagery is nothing short of stellar. ❤ You’re one of my greatest inspirations.

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