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David Lohrey

What It Means to Be Human

Panic in the streets. Pompey on fire. The Peace and Freedom
Party is the only one willing to fight for peace and freedom.
All the rest love war but remain unable to win one. What we need
now are pamphlets to distribute to the masses. People
feel left out; some feel neglected. Succor awaits.

What it means to be human, or is that what
it means to be a human? Somehow, there seems
to be a world of difference. Being human
is no small thing, I’ll agree to that, but as to the
other, well, does one really have a choice?

It’s all so heady. Of course, when I was young,
the young made a point out of reading philosophy.
It was part of the humanities, along with foreign
language and ancient history. We were all…

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