David Lohrey


Trace the Fortunes

Trace the fortunes of the stars from Mary
Pickford to Steven Spielberg, you name them.
All you see are $50,000,000 mansions.
They prefer their Champagne served by little
brown people from Manila or Oaxaca. José
in the garden, María, the kitchen. Zeus steers.

The President of Nicaragua, Fidel, Saddam Hussain
are their friends. They attract the big stars:
Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, and Susan Sarandon, even
Brando, when he was in the mood. The American people
are guided by the stars. The stars care.

But there are those who see through the lie. Body
shaming must be draining for young ladies. Boys,
too, are forced to stand for inspection while burly
men like Harvey Weinstein stride around the playground.
The whole thing’s right out of Planet of the Apes.
The chimps are in power.

Won’t this sad movie ever end? It’s all so…

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