Lilacs on Leaving – Nicole Lyons



I look for you,

still. Reaching

through sound waves,

blaring, to pluck you

from nothing

back into existence.

I wait for you,

still. Walking

blurry lines of almost

there and crossing too

far gone.

I smell you,

still. Scraping

lilacs down metal

along shortcuts
to easy.

Prying life

out of the jaws

of a crash,

you used

to call home.


We hope you enjoyed this classic piece of writing from the Sudden Denouement archive.

Nicole Lyons is a writer/editor for Sudden Denouement and the creator of The Lithium Chronicles. 

She is the author of Hush and I Am A World Of Uncertainties Disguised As A Girl

15 thoughts on “Lilacs on Leaving – Nicole Lyons

  1. Nicole- Lilacs on Leaving and other pieces of yours that I read when I first joined WordPress completely blew my mind and showed me a world a poetry I had never seen before. They really made me brave enough to try to write poetry again for the first time in 25 years and to find my own unique voice as a poet. I am very grateful for Lilacs on Leaving and it still blows me away.


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