Skadeglädje (A response)

Murder Tramp Birthday


Yes / I say I meant it / when I pushed your head down in the dirt
don’t you know / I am an egocentric cunt who likes to toot my own horn?
I say / I refuse to be a victim
to sit here with a flower crown on my head / dimming my sight / while everyone’s fingers poke their way between my thighs to rub at my confidence / everyone deserves a piece
and I deserve more/
and yes I definitely thought you were worshiping me because who wouldn’t / I can’t help the fact that I’m just that grandiose / am I not / I just love how you assume / that I was always a superior being / and never tasted abuse
so go ahead / by all means / I don’t regret becoming this thing I adore / and if your intention was…

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Author: oldepunk

Writing about my views of the world in a stream of conscience style

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