Vagabond – Mitch Green

With an omen in an
open dress, I am stranded
south of home with her
grey weight now purple;
flushed elusive.

You can see it,
in the whites of her eyes.
The propaganda bowl,
colorless and vain;
a vagabond carved out
of frame.

Cursing curses
with reading wrists,
she is now the
maker of noise.

Aloud and allowed.


{Mitch Green founded Rad Press Publishing in September of 2016. He is an avid artist in visual design and literature. Published in various literary journals and magazines: The Literary Yard. The Penmen Review. Vimfire Magazine – Mitch aims to seize the narrow line between all artistic mediums.

A few of his known poetic titles are: “Flesh Phoenix” “Monsters” “The Wolves Howled”.

Offering his hand in graphic direction – his book design portfolio can be found here.

Follow Mitch and Rad Press Publishing on Instagram.}

18 thoughts on “Vagabond – Mitch Green

  1. I am sure this is going to come out in completely the wrong way, but I was completely bewitched and seduced by your use of language. I am going to be thinking about “an omen in an/open dress” while I lay awake at 2 am.


  2. Trying to think of a way to steal that first line, because holy shit — now that’s a first line. Poe always said, if you don’t get them by the first line, you suck (but in a much more articulate way) and that line made me read all the way through. I am a fan.

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