Love of a Child – Jasper Kerkau (revisited)

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Jasper Kerkau Love of a Child (originally published on September 5, 2016)


My daughter, three, stutters, tries to spit it out. I spin and shame away; my sins tied to her tongue. My failures are wrapped up in her tiny face with purified smile. The cosmos spin and whirl as thousands of years descend into the sea; speck in the eye of angry gods, artifacts of which are dug out of thick jungles. None of it makes any fucking sense, nor does any of it really matter when compared to the only pure thing my heart has touched: the love of a child.

A ticklish, deep belly laugh fights back my maniacal demons of selfish dread and existential buffoonery. You are the only thing I will ever do that matters. She grabs her cartoon dog, and scuttles away; I hear the tiny feet on family floor. I think of the face that turns…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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