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January 2, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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David Lohrey


Our public space is full of sex. We choke on it like air pollution.

Everywhere we go we see what we’re refused or denied.

Look but don’t touch is more true today than ever before.

That’s not confusing?

Our teachers, coaches, and priests are hauled away.

But we look the other way. They are perverts, monsters, or sinners.

We continue to live in denial.

We deny the power of sexual attraction.

We make fun of Arabs. We ridicule them and call them backward.

The sophisticated spinster finds them appalling.

The open-minded want to kill them.

The liberal wouldn’t be caught dead in Saudi Arabia.

Why are we so stupid? Who are we kidding?

Our reactions are proof of our ignorance.

They might be…

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