A Note from Jasper Kerkau


I want to take a minute and wish everyone a very happy holiday. This has been a wonderful year for Sudden Denouement and Sudden Denouement Publishing. The holidays can be blissful and arduous. I want to apologize for lack of communication over the last couple of weeks while I dealt with work and personal matters. Over the next couple of days, I will be finally have time to make corrections to the site, assign new editors and begin moving SD to the next level. I want to thank everyone who has given their time, passion, and vision to our humble collective. We have put together the premier collection of writers on the planet. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be working with others and make the process more cohesive and share the responsibility. I want to give a special thank you to David Lohrey, Nicole Lyons (thank you for your friendship and counsel), Olde Punk, Sam Lucero (there is a special place in the next world for Sam for the work she does without asking for recognition). I will be adding two new editors who I feel will bring new energy to SD.

There was a time I would bombard our writers with my emails—especially OldePunk.  As writers, we often fall into strange places. We live in the darkness and the light. I look forward to getting caught up with a lot of you, getting input about the direction of SD. I will get caught up on emails, but I promise not to overshare.

I appreciate every one of you. SD has been the beacon for me to find my way out of the darkness. The future is very bright. Each one of you is touched by the light of the universe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are doing something special.

Jasper Kerkau

10 thoughts on “A Note from Jasper Kerkau

  1. Happy New Year, Jasper! I am truly honored and humbled to be among such amazing writers. Thank you for everything, for helping me see in myself what you have seen, and for sharing in the dark and light.


  2. Hope you had a great Christmas, Jasper. Through all the hard work you put in, the blood, sweat and tears, it only seems fair that you get a little time to unwind and enjoy yourself. I’m proud to be among such fine writers, and I appreciate so much the faith and belief you have shown in me, in much the same way you have shown in so many others. Peace.


  3. It is such an amazing feeling to be here in this community. Thank you for all you and everyone else has done. I know I am often silent, but that is by nature and not choice. I would speak more of how thankful I am of this place if it would be me. But let me still thank you for giving me a place and a family.
    Thank you.


  4. Jasper- It has indeed been an incredible year of growth and evolution at SD. It is a gift to be part of this community of brilliant lights who inspire, awe and challenge me. Wishing you, my sisters and brother in ink and our readers the happiest of holidays and a new year full of creativity, inspiration and hope.

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  5. Have a lovely Christmas & best wishes for the New Year! 🎄🎶⭐️
    I am honored to find myself mesmerized in this amazing world of ideas, imagery, feeling and listening to the mermaids’ rhymes. 🙂


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