AUTODIDACT – A.G. Diedericks


I’m uneducated

punktuated by subversion

My verses run grades in reverse

I see only art in my continuum

I am averse to your curriculum

There’s no path for me in math

No rhythm in my algorithm

No symmetry in my poetry

I bastardize

established linguistics

I do it

Just to smite the elitist erudite

My philosophy is detached from your morphology

My beleaguered elocution

poisons Ivy league institutions

I am an alumnus

from the college of sacrilege

This is the narrative of a native

in class with the iconoclasts

We block the conjecture

I put a sock in the lecturer; Leave ’em annoyed

As i rock to the literature of pink floyd

I’m tryin’ to hold this mic, but my fingers keep slippin’

like Sigmund Freud


A.G. Diedericks: “write what you know” are the four most soporific
words I’ve ever heard. I am a divergent writer who couldn’t give 2
fucks about striving to be the best. To write only what you know, is
to play it safe. Art is imaginative rebellion. I am engaged with the
versatile risk takers, the ones who are not afraid to take their shoes
off & get dirty. I write & curate atMorality Park,”]


50 thoughts on “AUTODIDACT – A.G. Diedericks

  1. Really a great post! You nailed it! I like your “Write what you know” also! However, just to be a smart ass, is that permission to stay where we are or might that also be, from a different viewpoint, an encouragement to increase what you know about life and other things? Just asking. See, know you’ve got me going. So, isn’t wisdom, even if from common sense and the street, learning from the life and mistakes of others so we don’t have to “Learn the Hard Way” by falling into the ditch they told us was there?? For me I have found that reading others writings helps me look at some things I know in a different light.

    I think you might enjoy my “HAIKU: BREAKING RULES”

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    • Hi, Chuck! I really appreciate your in depth review of this poem. And yes, it’s a different vista. I write for Sudden Denouement because its a forum of “divergent” literature. If I ONLY wrote what I knew then I would get bored out of my mind. I submerge in various genres, styles, collaborations, content etc
      Thank you for reading! I’ll check out “Breaking Rules”


  2. Love this A.G.– the rhythm and the picture of Eminem is perfect (and you didn’t make me feel too guilty about going to an ivy league school! If it makes you feel any better, social workers don’t get much respect at a place like Penn. Half the shit in the bookstore says “Wharton”) “punktuated by subversion” is simply brilliant. loved “I am an alumnus/from the college of sacrilege.”

    Thank you for letting us see you.

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