ANATHEMA movement IV

Sam Lucero is right, this is a special writer.


movement IV
draft 2
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The fire of day crawls first from
the chin of Avenues
cutting the city East/West
clawing upwards between buildings,
vaulting roofs.
Its lashing tongue burning out
street chandeliers and sacrificial flames
in the shadows of buttresses
holding up the night

In the crucible,
morning jackknifes the throat of night
stabbing through the fissures of dream state

In the morning light,
the sidewalks are a cobblestone
bleached by the morning flash,
towards the moat dug around
the shelter of my bed

Sheets heavy as lead shelter me
from sun’s fission
piercing through windows,
its mark seared into the backdrop
behind my eyes

In sleep I chase fugitive fragments of recollection
into an abyss of dreams,
away from nightmare visions of daytime.
Doors open to where vague memories reside,
before light radiated paranoia

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