Anachronistic Rant – A.G. Diedericks

History void of sapience

I am the spectre

of regurgitated fallacy

I carve the crevice

in impregnable absolutes

the blood-splatter in the crevasse

of your ice sculpture

where i birth postmodernism

and cut off the crimson springs

of solipsism


Children raised by the idiot box

extinction of libraries

words replaced by letters

A climate change

bonfire of trees

A nation impeached

acclimation to a blue bird’s speech


Hubris draped in white cloth

 the sloth that doth not protest

Suffragettes suffocating

for egalitarianism


Robots dictate pedestrians

look to your alt-left

look to your alt-right

I know where I left my keys

can you help me find

my fucking mind?


A.G. Diedericks is a cinephile in the midst of being gentrified into a bibliophile… colonized by mediocrity. He moonlights as a clandestine writer. You’ll find him in a dark alley over at the cuckoo’s nest, where he often lays to rest in Cape Town, SA. ]

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