Poisonous – SRP


Poisonous – SRP

they sit calmly around a table

in a well-lit room spewing hatred

from their mouths

it is what it is, and it’s only about

that person who looks back at me

when i stare into a mirror

telling me that I’m not good


they’ve been deciding what to do

about a couple of people

who make it hard for

them to


i sit quietly at the table

as it all swirls around


i remember that mirror

tells me the truth at night

its hard to be

quiet and still

i do what I’m told

wait for direction

and silently grow old

silently i grow old

you can’t turn away because

i can’t process the signal

it happens so fast

my sin

drops the needle when

the moon fades to dawn

and it all washes away


and you’re leaving here

while I’m still here

we drink the poison they serve

night after night

until I can’t feel you


i dreamt you’re near

silent and still

until you don’t breathe

I think the poison they serve

night after night

until i can’t see

the sun will wash it


[SRP is co-creator and editor for Sudden Denouement.]

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