Sentence of Sentience – Max Meunier



Sentence of Sentience – Max Meunier

what have i
but quieted inquiries

and echoed
through vales
of a sub-violet druse
of aversion

no tangible touch
to form valid expression

intentions adrift
amid merciless
miles of mutable morass

from which somnolous streams
softly spill
forth eclipses

in lapses
bereft of availing account

where whims slowly waft
beyond walled apparitions

fled from partition
to form in summation
a dormant despair
born of quiet desperation

awaiting conclusion
in sediments muring

a freedom reprieved
of sententious ideal

for what purpose plausible
peers within prisms

but spectacle
cradling consciences captious

enraptured in casting incessant goodbyes

i digress
lest my thoughts
become i

[image credit: Wilhelm Kotarbinski]

Max states: “I write about the things going on in my life. I am a feminist, humanist, cat loving musician bound by whimsy and the incessant analysis of hyper-vigilant observations.  I am obsessed with words and rhythmically woven wordplay.” We are honored to have him as a member of our tribe.  He writes at Max Meunier Dissocative Void.


29 thoughts on “Sentence of Sentience – Max Meunier

    • Thank you, Aurora. It is an honor coming from you. I have been appreciating your work very much as of late. There is an uncanny familiarity about your manner of expression for which I cannot account. I actually had written a long comment on one of your poems but then I was called away and never got back to it. I did, however, save it so I shall try to send it soon, even if it is a bit fruity lol


    • Thank you, A.G.. I realized I have been so remiss in participating that I had yet to read your work. Having just come from doing so, I must tell you that your compliment bears great relevance. I am so glad this led me to your work. I appreciate your kind words.


    • Your kind words always inspire me. I can’t quite explain it, but there are some people who incite a desire to want to do better. To try to become the individual that they perhaps see you to be, or know that you could become. It is also that you know that they see beyond the pretense, and there is no other choice but to try to be the truest version of yourself. Just by the merit of your existence alone, am I affected in this way. It’s a trip. In a weird way, I think you must possess some of the same ethereal soul-remnants as my dearly departed friend Jesse. Which means so much to me. Of course, who you are to me is the person who is uniquely you, but I tend to see and feel various soul-remnants scattered about in all forms of energy. I believe this to be the nature of existence. That upon death, our energy radiates outward within a generalized range from which bits and pieces of our essence persist onward as they are assimilated and amalgamated into other forms of burgeoning and/or pre-existing energies. For me, this seems to explain so many of life’s mysteries. I am probably just a lunatic idealist of a prohibitive sentimentality, but these things speak of ultimate truth to my deepest of souls. Damn, I just wrote a long reply lol. Love ya, mister. Also, thank you for the reblog.

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