Recalled, This Moment

Max or Not

sapphire moons
reflect the oceans

to wept erosion

not witnessed

heaven’s happenstance
reduced to cinders


a godless earth
to nigh be torn asunder

placid pools
stripped eternal
hollow scenes
denied serenity

come then
mistral asterism
streak ephemeral
floods flashing

submerge this surface
like a curse
of thought impearled

a prelude
to lunar requite

through inquest
strewed long
traced horizon

in umbral undulation
seeping hexagonal taper

petals once pressed
now paradoxical

a peripatetic lexicon
still lingers
in papyrus

spurring pulse

that precious urge

to crash
the inner sanctum
of the ichorous chrysalis

sacred skin
in glyph-wrought confines
amid its muting
moored in chrysoprase seclusion

like silverine escarpment
in holosericeus cradle

pendulously presaging

of impending compromise

this symphony
of decomposing

closure unabiding

[image credit: Jan Toorop]

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