RamJet Poetry



Pallidus forces

Traces of baseless mean

places of ruined dream

Drawing on the habits

Habitually gracing dystopia

Will you have what it takes

To murder the mystery

Or will you die


as well as the others have?

Brothers in arms cause harm

To the crushing gaze of God

Samael and Michael

Devour themselves in flames

Of azure and plutonium

The eye of Jupiter is opening

All that he sees is red

The living engage in a horrible embrace

With the dying and the half-dead

Participate in the morning prayers

greasing the gears of the human race

All gathered in a shiny crimson button

With the weight of a black hole’s face

Entropy hovering over the present

Wishing for Creation’s last breath

I hold in my hands the salvation of man

But I don’t know if I can

escape this event horizon

and become that which could save


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