I Survived the Storm – Jasper Kerkau


I Survived the Storm – Jasper Kerkau

I survived the storm. Watched everything explode and evaporate in the slow waters of time, billowing out of the dirty earth, inching up sidewalks, devouring curbs, and quiet lives. It all goes away so quickly, the boring conversations, the Sunday afternoons, and fried chicken, the little lives of misery, heaped into the darkness, left silent in dusty rooms, soaked and miserable. Civility and comfort are all so fleeting. I shed the rain, the moon, the failures and regrets, bury heart and words under the pillow. I give them their leisure, and I take a million crosses and deformed shrines, puked up the unnatural pleasures and, alas, have all the pain.
I survived the storm. Molding my stars, peeling off the television and cycles of vomit and bile filtering through every fiber of my being. It is theirs; it is not mine. I will run in circles for eternity, eat fire, and resign myself to the arms of a beautiful girl with a big heart. I stuff mediocrity and resentment in empty potato chip bags and give back to the earth, hoping it will be recycled the next time around. A one-thousand-year event. A speck in time. A sneeze and cough on the big toe of forever. I will eat the water out of hand, starve no more. Drive away dark clouds and find the golden rainbows in my heart. Everything will be okay this time. The sun will come out, and it will all go away.

[Jasper Kerkau is co-creator, editor, and writer for Sudden Denouement, as well as the creator of The Writings of Jasper Kerkau.]

28 thoughts on “I Survived the Storm – Jasper Kerkau

  1. Oh my, I don’t know where to begin. Seeing the title I spontaneously thought of hurricane Harvey. Living on the other side of the world, I’ve only caught small glimpses of what’s happened trough the news, so I’m not very well informed. Just wanted to send thoughts and wishes to all of you on SD possibly afflicted in any way. ❤ I hope you are all okay.
    Furthermore, I quickly realized this piece had a lot more dimension. I completely agree with Mark, you have an outstanding way of entwining the mundane and the untouchable. I think we can all relate to what you're saying, wherever in the world we may be.

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  2. Powerful, telling. Just one thing, your challenge; now write a response. From whom? Mother Earth. I heard her in this piece, at times strong, yet possibly the voice was muted by the legion scurryings about of man. It might be that some sisters could help you channel that response that needs full and unfettered expression. There are and will be more storms to come. Only those who meet and know her, fully, can ride with.

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