The quality of this poem speaks for itself.

RamJet Poetry


I never stood up to this much…..

shivers of agony

only following the whispers

for I haven’t a clue, what to do


Poseidon said left, and Sud said right

So I turned toward the light

the hell I walked into was so beautiful

I cried scars into my cheeks

that remind me of all the times

I have lost

so roll the dice once more

and follow the rising sun

Vishnu will only help those who understand

that there is only the day and

the night

so come and caress my face

I am now blind so lead me

to my death

I know you mean well

but you cannot help yourself

baptize me in your success

I choke on my guilt

the sword I once bore finds a home

in my back, so I buckle, and unbuckle

the belt of shame

starlight, twilight my second sight is fright

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