You’re the Moonlight in This Town

I had the opportunity to do a reading last week and made sure that I gave credit where credit was due. I don’t know where SD would be without the inspiration provided by S.K. Nicholas.

S. K. Nicholas


You, me and the sky beneath our feet. You and I and the damp bed sheets that just get in the way of what we’ve been meaning to say for so long now. If it doesn’t involve madness and a sense of unbecoming, it’s not worth it. If it doesn’t leave us not knowing who we are, then there’s no point. We piss on opulence much the same as we piss on the memory of those who didn’t have it in them to stay true to their words. Anyone can spout shit about beauty and truth, but so many leave it behind when they realise the quest for such things will see them cast adrift and humiliated by all those who never had the guts to do things differently. When I first saw you, I knew you were the moonlight that would show me the way. When we first spoke…

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