Break Fast

I love this style of writing from Dennis. For those who don’t know, Dennis is part of the backbone of what we do. He is a masterful poet.

RamJet Poetry


undone, shun. Fetid, decrepit.  Intrepid?  intercede inception.  Why no, wino, I whine OH!  The thoughts that spread through my head have become a bees’ hive of fucking nonsense and buttery insolence.  Interspersed into the broken down walk I flew into.  I rescued a couple of hounds we found out-of-bounds.  Fed and watered them I did.  Made sure they got home, alone.  Violence and the decisions I am forced to ingest.  Who knew that John McCain is badass?  I did, he was a war hero.  I must go.  I don’t know where though.  I once hid a joint in the crack of my ass.  I couldn’t smoke it afterward it was so wet with sweat.  So I just sat there, disheveled and angry.  The funny thing is, I hate pot.  All it does is make me hungry and sleepy.  Quoth the Raven and all of that.  Sometimes I feel like drinking…

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