GUEST BLOG: A.G. Diedericks, “The Library Bandit “

She’s the clandestine love child
of Plath and Poe
Where it is dark
Her words will glow

You’ll catch her on every
Library’s most wanted list;
Armed with a loaded lexicon
Her paper cuts plagiarists
Nuances ciphered in arcane;
She transfigures
into the Bibliophile’s Cocaine

A Bonnie liberated
from Clyde
Enslaved by her soul..
She struts like a wildfire
at the ball of a debutante
Oh, the devil knows
she’s no dilettante.

The pyrotechnics of her chaos
rendered the sun jaundiced
She surfs on tsunamis
and dances with tornados
Ravenous hurricanes hunt
to copyright her name.

She pays the poet
with liquidated journals
of Iridescent nightmares
& cremated reveries;
scattering her history
in depths of poetry.

Her misdemeanors articulates
in solitude;
Where she silences her Demons
Hush, it’s story time..
A martyr for literature;
She fights for that killer hook
that forces the page to turn..
For she’s the book
that you’ll never return

[ “A.G. Diedericks: is a cinephile in the midst of being gentrified into a bibliophile.. Colonized by mediocrity, he moonlights as a clandestine writer. You’ll find him in a dark alley over at the cuckoo’s nest; where he often lays to rest in Cape Town, SA. If you’re reading this, then I’ve just been exposed to my first publication.” ]

27 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG: A.G. Diedericks, “The Library Bandit “

  1. Oh, I’d love to be the clandestine child of Plath and Poe and have ravenous hurricanes hunt to copyright my name.
    I think this is the first rhyming poem of yours I’ve read. And it’s great.


  2. A lovely piece of writing. I am totally impressed A G with your literary skill which I am sure can mature with the proper guidance.


    • When the co-star of “this mess we’re in” comments, then I know I’ve done something right.. Arigatou gozaimasu, she writes stuff sometimes

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Humbled. As one of SD’s biggest fans, I can’t thank you enough. Much love and thanks to the profound collective
    of SD for the opportunity to showcase my work, and a
    special thanks to my protagonist, Nicole Lyons for the
    inspiration 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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