RamJet Poetry


I went seeking

the Father

and found Barbados

island sands and

ocean mists

cleansing the need

for salvation

the calm killing me

the balmy melancholy

and the dogs barking

in the deep evening skies

my Kismet skewed

by drowsiness

a longing for the

rivers and mountains

of home

my spirit wanes

and flows

like the tides

leaving memories

in thousands of broken


along the shores

of my mind

keen insights into

the lost times

of the past…


Even though you

were gone

I tried to build

a better world,

as you would have

I took a ship

to look for God

and sailed into the sun

lo, I found a little peace

in the Caribbean wind

blue waters and rum

Quiet came to my raging heart

Never did I find

the Lord above

though he must

have known I sought him

as I was given

some forgiveness


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