A Woman’s Blue

Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

Inside the turbid head of the blue lake
a blue sky, a blue light, a blue mouth,
blue eyes, blue skin, skin in motion,
skin in water

Skin is sound, skin is concentric,
large wide gallops occur like age,
like music
the stagnant boil of winter
as she preserves her breath from breath
Carefully weeding out
life from life
Such is the decoration of all time

I walk
above water
Between latent nights and
cold potato evenings
I walk on water
Gaze at a perforated universe
wrestling for vacuum inside tunnels
of bread-like feet

I walk
over water
Build an arc
with my arms of falling light
Skin is a lengthy delusion
as it reflects onto my face
The mockery of all light
Skin is a lengthy delusion
as it dances above my lip
‘Blue, blue, it’s a woman’s blue’
I say
as the lake sings beneath my feet

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5 thoughts on “A Woman’s Blue

  1. I’ve yet to come across anything you’ve written that hasn’t turned to gold. I’m not so articulate with words like the Mesmeric faculty of SD. But I had to share my thoughts. You have an innate ability to make everything look and feel so serene. It comes across so effortless. You’re truly a gifted poet, and I’m subjugated by your poetic reveries.


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