Need for a sick bag – Nathan McCool

I’m a rare coated stag. Gut shot for sport and
forgotten in a field of
painted moonlight.
The hunt is over, the storm is here. Beauty
all sheathed inside a gun barrel…
I think I’m dead now. I need a new scene.

I’m the out of tune keys on a piano, that
some rusted god keeps playing before he
heads off to a bookstore
where he constantly asks,

“Got any remedial shit with no substance?”

“Yeah. Check any shelf” the faceless
pseudo-librarian says back.

And the more he reads and the more he reads and
the more and more…
it’s just more hope he loses;
arms just getting tired of holding pages
burdened with
cliché poems and redundant stories.
(Have I read this before?)

“But really? You cut down a tree for this shit?”

It had more real poetry beforehand.

Now the rusted god goes to sleep and
now I am the rusted god.
And the only thing either of us still hopes for
is that if I publish a book it never comes here.

Not to visit.
Not to fuck.
And especially not to die.


Tucked away behind some shit book
about learning to love yourself I find
Nick Cave’s “Sick Bag Song”…
Now that’s a god damn jewel!

[Nathan McCool is the dark lord over on Instagram at God Of Dregs.]

19 thoughts on “Need for a sick bag – Nathan McCool

  1. Dude, Nathan, I was reading some of your work on your Instagram page, and i’m seriously blown away by your gift of poetic expression. I’m at a loss for words, as they are caught up in the ponderance of what you had written. I like you. Perhaps, even “like” like…


    • Ah, Thanks man. I’m about to read some of your stuff as soon as I get off work so I’ll be sure to leave you a comment and let you know my thoughts. Glad the writing could make you feel and think. That’s always incredibly important to me. So that’s the highest compliment you could give. Be talkin to you soon!


  2. Nathan this was a callous composition, a warning to everyone to sift through the falsehoods and hold on to the real! Loved it.


    • Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, there are things out there that are worth sifting through the trash for. It’s just that they seem to be increasingly difficult to find as major bookstores cater more heavily to what is popular and all that which does not present a challenge to form or thought. Fuck Barnes and Noble is what I’m saying.


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