Beetle’s Juice

Allie/Dances With Tricksters

Dances with Tricksters

You’re utterly replaceable, still irreplaceable
broken shards of mirror keep turning up ghosts –
you held my hand in cobweb veils and lightning,
I choked on spiders, I drowned in horseflies,
whenever I’m with you I swim in creeping things,
your hands crawl like harvestmen down my spine,
I guess you’re the Reaper and are cutting pests,
plucking the entrails of maggots from my flesh
I taste worms on the tongue, and mirrors lie
because to become you is to surrender, I never
spoke those words, there’s a mayfly in my heart
on loan from you, fluttershy butterfly, my honey
is just blood, and I am growing sick of soil, I
am weary of cages, and my clipped wings grow new
for I am resilient, Web Spinner, and I can fly.

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