Pelicans – Georgia Park

in the water, i have no weight
the sun is blazing,
the pelicans keep diving
into the green smooth water
i see them gulping down
some fish or other
over and over
you float my body
you rock me until
i fall asleep
then you drag me
onto the shore
and you fuck me
I see that the pelicans
are pretty
and they never scream

[Georgia Park is a poet! She is writes for Private Bad Thoughts, Whisper and the Roar, and Sudden Denouement. Whisper and the Roar is literary collective that Park created to provide a voice for feminist poets. Please take a look at her work and contact her for submissions.]

12 thoughts on “Pelicans – Georgia Park

  1. I was at work yesterday when I read this. It’s a new job, corporate stiff ties, and I was inconspicuously reading SD on my phone. When I got to the end of this piece I turned my off. I felt like I had a dirty secret I was holding over everyone without their knowing, and it was awesome. This piece was awesome.


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