A Single Red Door

Ward Clever

I searched in dreams for the answers. Nothing and no one in dreams knew what I was talking about. There is no lost and found in dreams, only matchless surreal objects of art. I bounced around, and appeared where I appeared.

The wind rippled through a field of sunflowers, but it was dark outside. My thoughts were empty, and needed to stay that way. Full thoughts led to foolish actions. That electric fence was an obstacle by design, just narrow enough that I couldn’t step through it, just high enough that I couldn’t jump over it. I was a reasonable and clever man, and I could simply use a post and get over it.

The field was glorious, despite being illuminated only by moonlight. I ruminated on the fact that moonlight is simply a reflection of the sun, which was shining on sunflowers. What of the moonflowers? I reflected on…

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Author: oldepunk

Writing about my views of the world in a stream of conscience style

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