Lilith-Christine Ray

You look at my nakedness

and call me Eve

name my sins



as you take the apple willingly

from my hand

But I am no Eve

offering temptation of the tree of knowledge’s sweet fruit

serpent wrapped around the branch above my head


I am Lilith

the first

shaped of the same dirt

as Adam

so the legend goes

But I am not of dirt

but of fire

His equal



refusing to lie beneath him

in supplication


Society names my sin

calls me





accuses me of

vexing the sons of men

with lustful dreams

leading them to defile themselves

as though it matters to me

where their seed is spilled


I will travel the ancient ways

clothed only in my dark tresses

my alabaster skin

don a crown of rose and poppy

their scent filling the air

I will take back this night

shape its darkness with my hands

make it blaze with stars and moonlight

create a road for my daughters and sisters

to follow home

When not running around pretending she is Wonder Woman, Christine Ray can be found writing for Brave and Reckless and passing herself off as a managing editor at Sudden Denouement, Whisper & the Roar and Secret First Draft.

She is also an aspiring badass.

Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

38 thoughts on “Lilith-Christine Ray”

  1. Nice . . . no, bad! Got something for you, but it’s in German. Oh well . . . sighs.

    Tochter Liliths

    Die bösen Mädchen sind es,
    nicht die braven,
    deren Beute ich bin.
    Sie hinterlassen keine Bitterkeit,
    sie schenken Schmerz,
    echten, aufrichtigen Schmerz,
    süß wie deine Erbeerlippen.
    Komm, brich mein Herz!
    Es kann noch einen Riss gebrauchen.
    Dein Wahnsinn fasziniert mich,
    legt mir deinen Namen auf die Zunge.
    Darum Schnüre deine Stiefel fester,
    nimm noch einen Hauch
    vom Spiegel deiner Eitelkeit,
    ziehe ihn durch deine Seele,
    und küss mich heiß,
    bevor du morgen gehst.
    Heute Nacht aber spiele mit dem Mond,
    und leg zuerst die Unsicherheiten ab,
    dann erst deine Kleider.
    Werde unvergesslich nackt,
    denn ausgezogen bist du schön,
    ungezogen aber bist du schöner.
    Mach sie zum Gast dieser Nacht,
    die Flammen deiner Gier,
    die Gier nach mehr von mir.
    Atme aus die schmutzigen Worte,
    wirf sie kostbar in den Raum,
    als wilde Poesie,
    wie Ornamente für den Sturm.
    Sei mir Liliths Tochter,
    die ich nicht vergessen will,
    gleite heimlich in mein Schicksal,
    während ich einen Tropfen Lust
    vom Latex deiner Schenkel lecke.
    In seinem Glitzern schenkt uns der Tod
    ein Lächeln.
    Und der Engel unserer Liebe
    opfert die Dauer einer Kerze.

    – David P. Pauswek – Der Andersmensch


  2. Oh my god! Oh my god! One of my favorite characters in folklore! A patron to us all! I love how this is influenced by her story and carried out in a breathtaking, sinister way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Henna– I have always been intrigued by Lilith but just became obsessed one day with researching what few literary references there are about her and with putting this together. I kind of love it. Which I rarely say about my writing.


    1. Thank you Sam! This just wanted to be written.

      Your piece for tomorrow with S.K. is amazing!! You two have great writing chemistry. I have an idea to float past you after other people have had a chance to read it– don’t want to give any spoilers.

      Liked by 1 person

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