‘Dreams nudge the conscious mind awake’-S Francis/SailorPoet

To Be Determined

Dreams nudge the conscious mind awake.
You are missing something you need to see
Says the image fleeting, too quick, too slight.
Grab hold of the ether and swallow it.
Taste for a moment what it needs to show.

Two doors have opened: one to lightness
The other, darkness. Not the quiet chirp
Of crickets mating darkness. Not the stillness
Under faintest of lights sprinkling down
Like confectionary sugar to sweeten life

darkness. No, this second door has opened to
Darkness demanding: Make a choice! Decide now!
Now! The crickets and stars await in these hours
Stillness sparking poetic riddles. We face a choice
Between Light and Darkness. Like the winter

Wind that returns to watch its beloved flower
Through a Frosted glass pane falling into a love
The slightest crack would both expose to death.
Wind neutralizing summer dancing between
Pedals of the rose like dewdrops gathering

To welcome…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Literary Collective

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