The Shape Of Things To Come

Ward Clever

Disguised with many masks but I know it’s you
Unmistakably, unequivocally you
I thought this was a circle, infinite
It’s actually a star with no point
Shining brightly, beautiful to look at
Painful to touch
Difficult to even get close to
A circle never ends, but never changes
Always, we go over the same things
Wearing different clothes, but saying the same names
Going around the outside
Perpetually unable to meet in the middle
Here’s the reason
The perfect shape is no shape at all
It’s an upward spiral
When circling back to previous experiences
It’s always with an ever higher perspective
Affording the opportunity to view previous nostalgia
Wistfully longing for the next higher spiral
To see how this place, this time, this now
Will look from that exalted position
I can look down and see you
Looking down at yourself
Mask secured from the front only
What was…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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