Swarming Voyage to Impregnate the Five King Hermits-Charlie Zero/Charlie Zero The Poet

Charlie Zero The Poet

Onomatopoeia stolid –
moon dryer glockenspiel,
Cicada puffs the imagery –
behold the smokeless chrome.

Who exodus meatballs?

Youthful anchorite –
halo glued your chasm
and it spoke discretionally –
thoroughly, mouthed, & sine.

Impregnate voyage…
birth screams…
and the five king hermits clap.

Carmelite queens…
Mascara sperm authenticity…

Elijah grooversim
stirred the record possessed –
back to envy
back to subsequent.

The author in you –
disturbed by electronic samsara,
castanets gasp
comb the air backwards
its patapinion licking blear.

Leonhard Euler –
reciting websites,
to mammal feeding…
to Captain mythical crabs…
to Moses four-footed committee braids.

Pet the harking bishop –
of swarming empires
eating at Cistercian eremitic.

Archduke Exuvia –
you Faustian clone,
don’t mention the tenth wrinkle.

Pentateuch diaphoresis –
its rings shy
as fly-infested cenobium.
Trappist Camelopardalis,
decameron spite foe,
away you, dice this facile motley just.

Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

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