To the skies from a hillside no.2

The Sounds Inside

We set the horizon ablaze,
and watched the sky creak and tremble,
as we observed from the comfort of sanctuary,
imbedded in the hillside, the blank-slate canvas
we hoped to form is all
but ruin, we meant well, we did, we did,

we didn’t mean for the ventricle to
collapse, we didn’t mean for the empyrean
to cripple, deflated, exhausted, bricks and mortar
falling from heaven like wildfire,
I don’t know what you were looking for, and
I don’t know what happens now,

we’ve all but torn the atmosphere from its hinges,
and the seas, the mountains, the forests all buckle,
pleading ‘no more’,
‘no more’,
but we can’t stop,
not till we remember why we started this,

why we turned hell inside out,
why we let the devils, the revolutionaries, the objectors spill out,
pouring forth from the gaping mouth of the underbelly,
the women who claimed themselves saints,

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