Kids – Howl Davies

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

‘Look alive, kid’
You say it in a righteous waiver,
my own words, they sounded better
when I used them,
back around the time when I was
itching for control
in a burned-out car I saw, then stole,
stitching patterns onto worn out leather
you know damn well I said it better.

But I’m not here to argue
rather, I came to bid farewell
and after one last night of just reproach,
of threats, of quotes, of knocking up
another pretend pornographic actress,
who’s hacking at her limbs and laughing
about her matchstick sepia fantasies.

And after that has come and passed,
the headache over, there is one last
thing that must be said –
I hope I’m never here again.
Sure it’s been fun, but I am fucking tired
and I’ve barely scratched at twenty
and my body’s giving up on me,
and I’m mangled, twisted, dented,

and I’ve…

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