Pathetic – Introducing Bishop Hermes

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

3addbe56f187b167312d99cea283cdc9Pathetic by Bishop Hermes

I thought he was long gone 
dead or departed i had almost forgotten
he’s been watching waiting 
for a misstep or stumble
he lies in wait with no sound nor mumble
he thrice tried to slay me 
probably more my souls a whore
he bid me with enticing schemes 
coerced me to believe foolish dreams
then crushed me with reality
I’ve sensed him lately
though i would not believe it
he’s been baiting me
awaiting a chance to trounce me
but i see him plainly now
the curtain is dropped the guise is spoiled
he’s gone now and i can see clearer
though he was never far
when i looked in the mirror

[Bishop Hermes is an exceptional poet/musician who came to Sudden Denouement with strong recommendation from Sperantia Zavala. We are excited to have him contributing and feel strongly about his poetic vision and look…

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