eskimo heart – lois e. linkens

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


miles of ice
stretch like white satin
pulled tight
beyond the reaches
of sight

a darkening sky leers,
a toothy aunt’s
chilly breath
grazes her scarlet nose
and stings her eyes
she wipes the tears
before they freeze

wind whipped cheeks
trimmed in fur
the mouth
of a feathery cave
shrouds her red face,
a cherry
in a fruit bowl
full of pale grapes

she is an oil painting,
later dusted
in flecks of snow
that sit like sugar
a sweet

cold surrounds her
like a pack of wolves,
but not without

her baby’s cry is lost
in the wind’s howl –
yet the endless winter
has sharpened
her senses
into swords

snowy manger,
icy nest.
a frozen world
in the defiance
of her fiery heart

(lois e. linkens)

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